About Us

KAI is all about affordable clothing with luxury aesthetics. For women who want the very best out of life, and are working towards making an impact in whatever field they have chosen. It’s for women who believe that they can have it all and are fearless. The KAI woman is not one-dimensional and she embraces her femininity in all it’s forms. Equal parts unapologetically sexy, as it is cool and strong. KAI is deeper than fashion. Even though we believe fashion is extremely important, it’s about an entire lifestyle. Fashion is the medium that we use to give us that additional dose of confidence that we need to go out and conquer each and every day.

Fisayo Longe established KAI in August 2016 after five years of building an online presence through Fashion and Travel blogging. She travels the world sourcing the best fabric and never forgetting to stop to take a picture along the way.

KAI is a movement, welcome to the Collective.